The Storyteller Impostor

This is one of the first websites we found where Diamond Brown's name was publicly listed as "Diamond Yonvadisi"   "Yonvadisi" is Cherokee for "Runningbear" and the Diamond Brown  impostor claimed "Runningbear" was the name "he" used on-line.
The original author of this site, Keetonah, was completely innocent of any attempt at deception!  The poor woman truly thought she was chatting with the real Diamond Brown, Jr.  You can imagine her shock and sense of betrayal when she found out the real Diamond Brown had never sent a single email in his life! The real Diamond Brown Jr. does not even know how to turn on a computer!!
The pictures and newspaper articles on this website are of the real Diamond  Brown, Jr.  They were sent to Keetonah by the impostor using the email contact address ""   which she included at the bottom website.  The "Yonvadisi" aol addresses are used by the owners of "Runningbears Den"  Two Anglo women using the names "Robbie Green" and "Mickey Campbell" are listed in various locations as the owners of "Runningbears Den" On this site, anyone interested in booking Diamond Brown for a School demonstration was directed to contact the owners of "Runningbear's Den"   @

Please Note: The REAL Diamond Brown Jr.  has never been married to "Robbie" nor does he have any children named "Mickey"  The real Diamond Brown Jr.  IS NOT associated with "Runningbear's Den" in any way, and he had never heard of Robbie Green, Mickey Campbell, or any of the other "family" members listed until the impostor scam was exposed.

The author of this website "Keetonah" took it down at our request immediately after being informed of the deception.  


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