The Diamond Brown impostor(s) was very active in several  MSN groups, including one called Native American Friends.  Upon joining NAF, "Runningbear" claimed to be Diamond Brown aka Diamond Yonvadisi and sent Managers of NAF pictures of the real Diamond Brown Jr.  "He" was made an Assistant Manager of the group, and given his own teaching board "Runningbears Den" After a time, managers of the group got suspicious because "Diamond's" story wasn't adding up.  In February of 2003, the managers of NAF contacted the real Brown family, and the impostor was exposed on the Native American Friends forum.  These "Explanation" posts were forwarded to the Brown family by the Managers of Native American Friends, and then passed on the Bryson City and Cherokee Police authorities investigating the impostors.

The screen shots on this page display content and trademarks belonging to Internet Explorer©, Microsoft©, Google© Native American Friends©©, and various other corporate and individual entities, and are archived here for the non profit, educational purpose of reporting and criticizing the activities of Public Figures in accordance with the "Fair Use Doctrine" which permits the copying of images or text for "criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research." The Photojournalist makes no claim to any of the archived subject matter in these pictures.

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Explanation - Part ONE
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Managers - NAF
We greet you and wish you well.
O Great SpiritWe place ourselves in Your hands today
and ask for Your blessings.
Creator. put the words in our mouths
and help us to speak here
in ways meant;not to destroy but to inform.
Let nothing be said that is not of You Lord.
Let what is written here
only serve to further your people.
many have been asking what is going on and it had been our desire to just explain without detail - however in the last couple of days things have happened that we feel has made this impossible so we have decided to share with you what has been going on - this is because we feel that this is not going to go away without some disclosure - innocent people are mistrusting NAF because of this - because they do not know the facts they are leaving - so we will give you the facts - then if a person still wants to leave at least the person will have facts
the first thing i am going to repost here is what i already posted about when Runningbear came to NAF
     When Runningbear first came to N A F he came as a walking wounded.  He had been a member of another community and also had his own site for teaching Cherokee culture.  He had had troubles in that other community over some suspicion of his real identity.  Because of this he left the community and deleted his site.  I came alongside as a sister to him and affirmed him in his pain and offered to create a Message Board so he could continue to teach.  I prasise him highly in this community with the result that all the members here loved, supported, and respected him.  Then I invited him to become a manager. He and I spent lots of time chatting and laughing in I M.  He has a very entertaining personality.  Usually there was at least one other person present.  So you can see that we had a friendship and cared a lot for each other.  What happened was not due to any dislike of him on my part.  We were good friends.  He had invited me to visit him and his wife in May, and I was planning to go. It came to the attention of the council that Runningbear was not acting in a way befitting the warrior he professed to be.  He was gossiping, and that information was told to another.  The thing he was spreading around was based on some information that he had received in confidence when some people went to him for help.  It was private, and there  was no necessity for it to be spread around.  It was enhanced by conjecture and half truths when it was told. His site..."Runningbear's Den"...was deleted and disappeared.  He said to people that he thought we did it.  This is not true.  Only MSN or a manager can delete any community.  In NA F for instance only StarWalker or I could delete this community - or    MSN  if it has a reason.  I have received threatening letters from Runningbear.  I finally ans wered him back that if he did not stop it I would use all the council knows about him to stop him.  He has also said he can bring a slander suit against me.  I never put details down...I just informed that he was gone.  And that very effort to only say he was gone without revealing what I know (which is much) is part of what people who are still here or who have left the community have condemned me for. Some thought I should not even say he was gone.  I laugh at this thought, because he was important here.  People would have noticed and then accused me of hiding it. I do not believe it is appropriate to reveal what I know.  And there is so much in question about him.   I was not trying to destroy Runningbear (I loved him deeply as a friend and mentor).  My  council and I just thought he no longer belonged in N A F and took steps to remove him.  For me to air this dirty laundry in public woud be somewhat like doing what had happened to cause this affair.
this is what was posted on feb 7 - and it was ended with a statement that no more would be said - we are sorry that it has come to this - but these things will be explained with details

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Explanation - Part TWO - only the tip of the iceberg

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<<<<<<<<<Managers - NAF>>>>>>>>
     When Runningbear first came to N A F he came as a walking wounded.  He had been a member of another community and also had his own site for teaching Cherokee culture.  He had had troubles in that other community over some suspicion of his real identity.  Because of this he left the community and deleted his site. 
lets talk about this above
  • When Runningbear came to our community he said that he was a person named Diamond Brown.  Diamond Brown is known all over the country as a Cherokee Culture Teacher.  We first knew him as Diamond Brown.
  • Diamond Brown sent us pictures of himself teaching in schools with his teepee and set up.  Here are two of the pictures he sent to us.. ...the first one was sent to us when he first came to NAF - the second one was sent about two months ago
  • shortly after he came to NAF he started telling us of another site where the people were out to get him were trying to prove he was not the real Diamond Brown and at that time he asked us to remove all pictures and to not use the name Diamond Brown again until the trouble blew over
  • we trusted and it was done
  • at this time he withdrew his membership from that other site and deleted a site he had - cannot remember what the name was but in it he was claiming to be Diamond Brown...Cherokee Educator
  • we were all sympathatic and believing that the people of the other site were evil and on a witch hunt
  • i have spoken to an asst mgr of the other site - (she has joined here - but i will give her anonimity) - but i hope she will post here - anyway he caused much discord there and caused the site to loose many members (sound familiar?) - this person also told me that we should be careful because he is dangerous - they called him "CZ" amongst themselves - Cubit Zirconia - false diamond
  • she also said that they believed him have sent viruses to the managers and some members
  • they believed him to be not who he said he was because of a member there - leland who is a family friend of the real Diamond Brown and his fat her - and he said this person is a faker - i have this persons email addy but i have not had chance to write to him
  • i have only told a few people about this but one day several months ago our RB came on to me - told me he was in love with me - i did not want to insult him - still holding him in honor - so i said i was flattered but i loved him as a friend not the other way and it was dropped - the manager of the other site was approached in the same way i have been told
  • when it got too hot for him he aparantly left the community and deleted his first community I came alongside as a sister to him and affirmed him in his pain and offered to create a Message Board so he could continue to teach.  I prasise him highly in this community with the result that all the members here loved, supported, and respected him.  Then I invited him to become a manager.
yes i....Sha-Keira....who prides herself as a manager with a watchful heart was completely duped by RB even after things started happening that would have at least hinted that he was a fraud - and in spite of this support he betrayed me and himself

more to follow

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> Explanation - Part THREE - discrepancies
> Reply
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> *Mgr_Sha-Keira*

> Corinne.......................Laurie..............Storm
> <<<<<<<<<Managers - NAF>>>>>>>>

> Runningbear shared his life with us and we came to know him and his family - we learned
>       that he lived in Kentucky - later moved to Cherokee NC area with his family - this is proved true by telephone numbers that we had for calling him and an address from which things were sent and were sent to the members of his family were his wife robbie his bedridden son who is recovering from cancer his grandson - an adopted son of michael - named mikey - who is severely disabled with cerebral palsy two adults - one named dee - and another who was supposed to be quite a bit older than RB - who sounds like a much younger woman on the phone the older womans "daughter" who also has cerebral palsy - and is retarded named mickey jo that RB calls his granddaughter
> that is his family as he presented them and many have been told the same story
> there is a newspaper article dated in 1998 about the real Diamond Brown -i am posting it below - the article states certain things about him
> He is a younger man - probably in his late thirties or early forties his wife is named sandy he has children - four of them - all girls

 Diamond, a Native American Cherokee, tells spectators about his culture. Bob morris photo.

Native People share culture at  festival

By Marcus Holland
Savannah Morning News

Ever know what America's name was before it was America?

''To Native People, it was Turtle Island,'' said Diamond Brown, a Cherokee.

Diamond staked out a spot on the Savannah River bank, pitched his tent and told a large crowd about his native culture at the two-day ''Native Peoples Heritage Festival'' at Fort Jackson on Saturday. The festival resumes at 10 a.m. today.

Under tents were crafts of all sorts for sale. Pottery, skulls from a variety of animals, medicine wheels and dream catchers filled the tents.

''We're Native People,'' said Diamond, whose richly colored clothing included a headdress of feathers and red-dyed porcupine hair.''We want people to know we're not Indians ... we're not Native Americans. We're Native People.''

Diamond pointed out that Native People don't wear costumes.

''You put on costumes on Halloween,'' he said. ''Regalia is the real thing, consisting of clothing from buffalo, deer, bear, elk and porcupine.''

Everybody knows Diamond as just that - Diamond. He works for the department of education across the United States and is a storyteller and dancer.

One story is about Falling Rock, a brave warrior. The story goes that Falling Rock, off on a hunting trip, never returned to his five wives.

''But he's still out there,'' Diamond said with a laugh.  ''We can see where he's been seen. It's marked by signs that say 'watch out for Falling Rock.'

Outside his tent, Diamond, of Cherokee, N.C., had crafted relics - a bobcat's head on a stick and a drum that he made from the trunk of a tree he climbed on as a youngster. He also had a buffalo rug that he sleeps on.

And he had a few interesting facts for the crowd that gathered around him.

The most-asked question he fields is whether he is a real Indian.

''That's natural. People don't see a lot of Native People... they almost never see the real thing,'' he said.

Diamond said he teaches school children about Native People's rich culture and heritage. He has danced and told stories since he was 5 years old, and had a story-telling session scheduled later in the day.

His wife, Sandy Brown, is part Cherokee. Being Native People is a whole way of life, she said.

''A lot of good work goes into it. This is our way of doing what we like to do and keep the family together. We travel and work together and home-educate our children.''

The festival's mission is to educate people about the history and the way of the original inhabitants of the Americas, with special emphasis on those who live in Georgia and the Southeast region, Diamond said.

Native People in colorful dress danced as the crowd sat on wooden benches in a large circle, under the hot sun cooled by river breezes. R.C. Mowatt, a Comanche from Lawton, Okla., is a member of the Plainsmen, a group that presented the opening dances.

For Joe Delgadillo, 20, of Altus, Okla., who wore red regalia with a feathered headband during the festive opening dances, it is away to stay in touch with the past.

Emory H. Perkins of Blackshear's Grey Squirrel Lodge, said his great-grandfather was Cherokee. He makes knives with animal bone handles, sells his wares and tells stories to make a living.

''I use deer feet and leg bones as handles'' for the knives, he said. ''This one,'' he continued, picking up a large knife, ''has an ostrich leg bone for a handle.''

He had all kinds of animal skulls for sale: beaver, coyote, fox, coon, possum, deer and buffalo.

''This is what it's all about ... making the tour and trading with my brothers,'' he said.

Bobbie Orr of Salish Flathead, Mont., is working her way back home. She has stops in New Mexico and Oklahoma before returning to Montana.

''We do dancing and educating ... try to teach people about Native American heritage,'' she said. ''We want to get them away from the Hollywood image.''

Renee Baham of Savannah said she attended the festival to expose her children - 9-month-old Luke, 3-year-old Taylor and 5-year-old Cole - to other cultures.

Gail Sorrows of Savannah attended the festival with her granddaughter, Jessica Schwarz, 7, of Kathleen.

''She enjoys seeing Indian culture ... what was here first,'' Sorrows said. ''This is educational for her ... and for me, too. It's good that Savannah supports something like this. We need to go back to the roots.''

Diamond and his wife have four children - Candy, 23; Brook, 14; Dakota, 9; and Wahlalah, 7. Wahlalah, Diamond said, means hummingbird.

''I told the Great Creator that when I grew up I wanted to be surrounded by women,'' he said. ''The moral of that story is you better watch what you ask for.''

Today's schedule

10 a.m. - Open/storytelling

11 a.m. - Eagle A Hoop dance

1-3:15 p.m. - Grand Encry/dance

3:30 p.m. - Storytelling

4-5 p.m. - Intertribal closing

Community news reporter Marcus Holland can be reached at 652-0332.

Web posted Sunday, June 14, 1998

you can see the descrepancies in this newspaper article which Storm found when she put the search words Diamond Brown Cherokee Culture

more to follow
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> Explanation - Part FOUR - Suspicion Grows
> Reply
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> *Mgr_Sha-Keira*
>  Phone behavior
>       Whenever we called the RB house - no matter how many times he promised he would speak with us he never did We always spoke with Robbie or Michael -and for a long time we felt that the voice of Robbie and the voice of Michael were very much alike - and they even laugh the same - that is how it sounded - we have no proof we realize that ppl of a family sound alike but keep in mind that she is not his mother - and that she has only been there with them for approximately a year and a half - i repeat we have no proof other times the phone was answered by dee and the "older" woman
> The DR Center where he claims to be employed
>       about a week ago RB said that he had started a full time job at a school in cherokee - he said he was doing a program there to immerse the pre schoolers in the Cherokee language we have called this center and spoke with the director - she has never heard of a Diamond Yonvadisi (i forgot to mention in the post bout the other community that yonvadisi was the name he used when he stopped using Brown) we asked if she knew Diamond Brown and she said yes but he is not employed there she also said he did not teach language - he taught culture she also expressed surprise that anyone knew about the program because it is in the very early stages of discussion and they have not even decided if it is a good idea to do it at this time
> Happenings in NAF
>       he is argumentative when disagreed with - our " CZ" becomes like a mama bear who has lost her cubs when someone dares to disagree with him - he often goes for the jugular and attacks - this happened in that famous stew about the prejudice post - cc posted agreeing with him for the most part but then she added some beliefs of her own - he could not handle it and it caused a community wide upset when the string was deleted - it was deleted not to censor as such - Shar felt - and Star agreed - that it was like leaders airing dirty laundry - as a council we were arguing there and that is not appropriate for leaders to do from that time on there seemed to be an undercurrent present posting slowing down making us think that something was going on behind the scenes - all of a sudden there was less posting - RB even told CC that people told him they did not wanna post under what she said due to fear of being banned - we do not ban for people stating their beliefs - we just ask that it be respectful in tone and respectful to other peoples opinions a lot of this was just a feeling but we wondered what was going on
> at the time of the prejudice bruhaha - RB  formed his new web site called RUNNINGBEARS DEN - it was hard to be happy for him because of his timing and Sha told him so - it seemed like sour  grapes - and when he did he invited many of our members including all the members of the NAF council - we allowed him to have a link to his site i n the links page as well - and just before his site disapeared it ha d about 40+/- members and at least 3/4's of them were also members of NAF - our Asst Mgr Wolfdancer became a manager
> please reply with any questions or comments
> more to follow

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Explanation - Part FIVE - Some other things to consider

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<<<<<<<<<Managers - NAF>>>>>>>>

spirit walking

i received some flack in the email about spirit walking - being accused of not knowing what i am talking about - and i do not much about it to be sure - however the spirit walking i was told about would stretch the imagination of even the strongest believer in astral projection

about two saturdays ago i received an email from runningbear and it was very hostile about one of the managers - many of you know that i like to deal in person when there are problems - too much typing and too easily understood - so i will phone - i did and robbie answered and of course he was not coming to the phone - she was totally rude to me and hung up after accusing me of being after her husband - later on in the day robbie called me and asked me to call  her the next day and rb told me she wanted to apologize - i did call her and she did apologize - and now i will list some of the things she told me - another manager also heard this conversation
    RB had a wife who was murdered about 30 years ago and this woman is evil and her spirit is surrounding RB and causing him problems and troubles with health there is also the spirit of the grandfather there trying to help and stop the wife she has a body guard in the person of a spirit of a Cherokee warrior who passed about three years ago there is a family of people who died in a car accident and the child of that family sleeps with her she has not seen rb in a year and a half (interesting since she is pregnant - another story to be told below) - he is moving around hiding from the spirit of his wife - sometimes the grandfather is there with him and he is traveling with some important men of the Cherokee tribe i said you have not him? - and she said well he had been there in person but when he leaves the dead wifes spirit erases the memory she has of him being there at other times he is there in the spirit - at those times he goes inside of and uses the body of mickey  ;jo (the 31 year old retarded woman) - when he does that he even can work in the store - a store with no listing in the phone book for your information she talks of something the grandfather did - it seems that the twins who will be born in may are having some trouble sharing the space - and the little boy was kicking the little girl - she was crying and the grandfather brought her out for robbie to nurse and to comfort she asked me if i was home - who was home - said hubby and sons family - and said the granddaughter was gonna come here and come and talk to me by using someone here - i said not my kids - mustafa never did come in so i guess the grandfather got too busy to come she also told me that if i dont believe that the grandfather would come and erase the memory of it in me - well i DO NOT BELIEVE and i still remember - go figure
Her pregnancy
    robbie has described herself as a 48 year old woman who has had her tubes tied she became pregnant right after their marriage - i know that sometimes the strings become loose and someone does get pregnant - it was a girl - there was a woman stalking her and RB because she was jealous and in an attack at a powwow the baby was killed almost immediately she became pregnant a gain - this time with twins - the babies are to be born in may - within a month she claimed to know that she was carrying twins - a boy and a girl - the scx of unborn babies cannot be seen until at least the end of the  third month - and usually it is well into the fourth month
more to follow

please reply with any questions or comments
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Explanation - Part SIX - Why we banned RB

  Message 1 in Discussion


<<<<<<<<<Managers - NAF>>>>>>>>

as we have stated - we began to feel something was going on behind the scenes - whispering and innuendo - either in NAF or in the Den - and we were at a loss on how to root it out </P>

cc had a friend whose name was SpiritHorse and she had told him how she felt uncomfy and how RB had treated her on that saturday - he decided to see what he could find - one night in chat in the Den he found more from the manager there than we wanted to know - he posed the question about why there needed to be the rb den site when the other site seemed so fine - the manager was Wolfdancer - (i will talk about her role in all of this in the final part - Part SEVEN) and she was a regular chatty cathy to SpiritHorse - he emailed thc conversation to CC

let me back track a bit - and here i am confessing to a big mistake on my part - in fact many mistakes

here is the first one
    i came to NAF broken hearted - after an online friend had passed away of a brain tumor - he was native american and i loved all that he stood for - i told people about him and even couple of people in NAF were told the whole story he was very secretive about his location (I just knew it was Maine) and i never had his phone number one time he told me he was in love with me - and i responded - and for about two weeks we carried on a love affair online - then i told him it was not right and we stopped that kind of communication we did continue to talk online because i did love him - but the words were controlled - and he was dying of a brain tumor the last i heard from him was in march - but he had told me he would have his wife contact me about what happened
here is the second one...
    when CC joined NAF and said she was from maine i was amazed but i was more amazed when she seemed to write like David had done - David was his real name - Storm Wolfe was his native name she used things like woo hoo and dang and he had always used them - she had two kids a boy and a girl and just like him - they were both abenaki although he was full blood and cc is part with penobscot, inuit and french - and the names - his nick was storm her name is storm - they were both in their early thirties i began to wonder if by some fluke he had not died and by coincidence he had found NAF - i was still heartbroken and so i deluded myself into believing this to be the case one day i confided the story of David to RB and my suspicions - confided is the important word here when i found out that CC was a woman i thought either that David was a woman all along or that CC was claiming to be a woman - either way i decided to forgive as time went by i started to believe that i was mistaken - but we were becoming friends - i never spoke to RB about it again or said i knew i was mistaken - because i was so embarassed - another big mistake
  • i talked CC into coming to cali in October - my plan w as to confront her with it - just to be sure - when cc came here i told her and we discussed it and had a good laugh about it
here is another piece of it and this happened because of how highly revered as an honorable person RB is
    CC went to him in confidence about a problem she has had all her life he was very affirming and told her it was not abnormal - gave her back up thoughts to show what he was saying was correct he was also aware of why cc becomes quiet at times - many of you probably may have noticed this in the chat room she has flash backs and when this happens she just goes into what she calls slow motion - it usually passes after some time one day he talked to her when that was happening because she had already confided in him she did not worry about his knowing about the slow motion
Diamond Yonvadisi betrayed us and our faith in him when he talked about this to Wolfdancer and who knows who else in his community. But when he did he implied that we were gay and that we were having an affair.  Wolfdancer told the whole story to SpiritHorse who she did not even know.

It was because of this betrayal plus other information that i have shared with you in the earlier messages that Runningbear/aka Diamond
Brown(not)/aka Diamond Yonvadisi/aka "CZ" was banned.  All the managers in NAF agreed on this as the thing to do - even Wolfdancer!

more to follow

please reply with any questions or comment s
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Explanation - Part SEVEN - About Wolfdancer

  Message 1 in Discussion

<<<<<<<<<Managers - NAF>>>;>>>>>

when we read the conversation SpiritHorse  sent to CC from the chat room we wondered what to do - as i have already said i like to handle this kind of thing by phone so the person could hear my voice - so this is what happened
    i called Wolfdancer on the phone and sta rted the conversation like this - "momg - i want to discuss something with you, but i want you to know upfront that i feel like you are a victim here" - afterall i had been duped and i felt she had been too i proceeded to tell her about who Spirit Horse was - not something i had known about until i saw the conversation  i told her i had seen it and then i addr essed the issues told her i did not blame her - that what ppl are is not always easy to see she was very upset about what Runningbea r had done and she said she wanted nothing to do with him then she said i will show him -"Two can play that game!" With that she went to Runningbears Den and she <<<<<DELETED HIS SITE> >>>> i did not ask her to do it and she did not tell me until it was done she asked me to ban her from NAF because she felt unworthy and was sorry for what she had done and i told her to stop that talk - i tol d her that she had made a mistake is all and to let it go - that we loved her
here is an email Wolfdancer sent me on feb 7 ... the subject was
    "Its the unworthy one"

Dear Corinne, Man where do I start???? I felt I had to write to you again
because after reading what I sent to you and CC yesterday was
   First off I don't know if you have see it yet but I went
into the club last night and posted an apology...In short I
screwed up and put a previous post in the wrong string and I
understand why now you was upset that I had put that under the
string that I had....I did not delete the post I put in under 
"Tell me what you Think" because I'm afraid I would end up deteling the
whole string and I don't want to do that....You know me and my computer
smarts....Next to nil....Most of what I know is thanks
to you....So if you want to delete that one please do.....
   Now to what I wrote yesterday...After re-reading what I
sent I thought "My God" it sounds like all I'm doing is bashing
you and finding fault with you...Please oh please do not think
that...I think very highly of you and feel that you have done
a great job with the club...In fact you are the club because
without you and all the work you have done , there would be no
club...And that's not just a statement, it's a fact....The worst
thing you can do is to even think of leaving there.... Please
whip that thought right out of your head....
   Corinne we may not always see eye to eye on things but
that doesn't mean I think any less of you...You are in fact way
at the top of my list of people to admire....What you have to
put up with is a great deal and you have done a fantastic job
of dealing...I for one do not want to be in your shoes as I
would not wear them very well....
  As I told CC in an earlier e-mail my biggest regret here 
is that I have lost the chance to a friendship with two people
whom I care a great deal for....No one can beat me over the head
anymore than I have in the last few days....Because I chose to
believe and trust in the wrong people (which is the story of my
life)I have caused unforgivable damage...It is something I will
have to deal with on my own and right now I'm not dealing with it
too well....
  All I can say is that I hope someday you and CC both can forgive
me.  ;         With the greatest of admiration
            and respect,Momg

and here is another email from later in the day

Hi Lady, man your gonna sick of seeing me lol,,,,see what you mean about the post he put in about
me...What a crock ..Too bad he didn't mention
the fact that he may have met me but he sure
don't remember it lol lol lol...oh well,,,
I'm goning back to bed lol lol lol....

Wolfdancer was in the chat room on sunday night late playing
from the NAF managers

Announcement from Managers of
To whoever may be interested,
       It pains me greatly to have to be doing this as I am one
of the original members to this club....When the two originators
decided to leave they asked me to become the manager but because I 
do not have the knowlegde of how these computers work much less
how to work a club page and etc. I declined and chose to stay on
as Assistant manger instead....
      I have done my best to fill that roll to the best of my
ability....Somehow I must have failed.....Things have been
happening in this club that I do not approve of nor condone...
I was put in the middle of a contraversy that I had no business
being caught up in...Some people were hurt...I am very sorry for
that....I have made my appologises and I hope they know that I
meant them....None the less I no longer feel I belong here much
 less be in management...I am not into playing head games and I
refuse to play them...So it is with a heavy heart that I leave
this club and I wish that all who are here enjoy their lives to
the fullest and that the Creator shall walk with you every step
of the way....
 With regrets,Wolfdancer

i want to assure you that i addressed every self hatred she mentioned to me - i came along side - but when i read the announcement she sent to our Community - i began to fully understand that she was playing a double game with me - and it was then that i fully came to understand how dark this incident is and how much is happening behind the scenes that is not healthy for Native American Friends - this is why we decided to let our membership know the whole story

one more time i tell you as i did in my first post about this situation and i quote myself from the string called "One Last Response from

"I feel that members of a group need to trust the leaders of that group to act in the interests of the group.  I believe we did that. If you dont have that kind of trust and belief then maybe you do not belong here.
However, i feel that i am not the owner of the group - so if i find that i am no longer wanted here as manager I will move on.
So with this I will stop.  I  look forward to seeing your posts, and i will answer questions that are posted.  I would have liked to just let the fires burn and the wind rage but I also wanted people to be able to avoid the pitfalls of what had happened.
Delsin....So be it,
Wunt-taktek ach gesalk....Peace and love in Algonquian

the end

please reply with any questions or comments
Here on the forum "Runningbear" rants extensively on his Runningbear's Wall of Shame forum about the Native American Friends group where he/she/it was exposed .

Runningbear also slams a Ceremony run by Enrolled members of the EBCI ... stating "We have issues"

"We have issues here in Cherokee with a sweat lodge that allows those who are not native to participate."

Who exactly is "We?" Runningbear got a mouse in his, her or its pocket??  Is this the "Royal We?" Just say NO to Faux Indian Nosism!  ec


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