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What is a "Faux Indian" you ask?  
Anyone who is not a member of a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe who is running around claiming to represent, teach about, or collect money for "Native American Indians" in some shape, form or fashion....usually with a 501(c)(3)

We coined the phrase "Faux Indian" so we get to write the definition too.  If you don't like it, feel free to hit your back button, create your own phrases and build your own website e

The people profiled on these pages have established themselves as
PUBLIC FIGURES and in doing so, they have opened themselves up to public scrutiny and criticism. They are self proclaimed Medicine People, Chiefs, Spiritual Teachers, Clan Mothers, Directors of 501(c)3 's or non recognized  "Tribal"  Leaders of some kind. This site is not here to harass private individuals, it is here to monitor and report on the questionable activities of people who have taken on a Leadership position in the community. Self proclaimed Gurus only...NO PRIVATE GRIPES...we have another site for that

For those of you who would like to read our opinions about these Faux Indians, start clicking the links below.  By the time you've finished reading what's there, we'll have posted more  'cause we are FARRRRRRR from finished.  We still have gigs of research to edit into some understandable format.  There are hundreds of these groups ripping off the REAL Indian Tribes every time they misuse a Treaty Tribe's name for their own benefit in some way.

The EuroPagan community is a prime feeding ground for these charlatans 'cause the vast majority of white people just don't know any better. I can say that 'cause I am a white person and I didn't know any better.  After I learned the difference between a Real Indian and a Faux Indian, I told some of my white friends...and they were equally surprised. It is so simply you really feel kinda dumb once it is explained to you.

Real Indians have "Treaties" with the US government ... Faux Indians don't.  It is just that simple!
Faux Indians find an Indian ancestor in the woodpile and think that entitles them to a hand out,  to speak for, or teach in the name of whatever culture that alleged ancestor belonged to...  Ahhhh... NO!!

Federally recognized Indians are due very specific benefits, guaranteed in their Tribe's Treaty with the US Government.  When the US Taxpayer's money goes to federally recognized Tribes it is essentially US citizens meeting our mortgage contract. US Citizens OWE a pre agreed upon debt to these Tribes for the land we're all sitting on.  A deal's a deal! I know some taxpayers think "we shouldn't still have to pay"  ...and some Indians think they should take their land back because the Treaty agreements HAVE NOT been met...not even close!  These are all very important issues...for another website, preferably one run by real Treaty Indians.

This website is about Faux Indians who have no Treaties and who are not recognized by the US Government. Faux Indians feel entitled to donations, grants and taxpayer funded benefits because of their "special" genealogy. Other people should pay their bills, buy them land, etc. because of their alleged bloodlines.  They claim to be authorities on a culture they were not born to, and demand special privileges and monetary compensation based on VERY questionable ancestry.

We don't think Faux Indians are entitled to SQUAT just because Aunt Susie said their great great great grand whatever played hide the hot dog with a Cherokee Princess 300 years ago!!!
They are good 'ol American MUTTS just like the rest of us and they should GET A JOB and quit beggin' in the name of Indians!

You can't sling a cat in the Smoky Mountains without hitting someone who says they have a Cherokee Ancestor...and most of them are probably telling the truth.  So what? Join the crowd.  If just ONE Indian made whoopee with one white person 300 years ago, they had two kids, who each had 2 kids, and so on and so on, we would now have at least 65,536 descendants from that ONE roll in the hay.  This is a very conservative estimate too, since many couples have more then 2 kids.  I think the national average is 2 point something, but I hate fractions.  Do the math yourself.  The point is, in a few more generations everyone on the East Coast is going to have an Indian ancestor.. not to mention Black ancestors and Asian ancestors and Hispanic ancestors...etc. etc.

What's it going to come to?  We all pay each other for what ancestors from one side of our family did to ancestors on the other side of our family centuries ago? An American Mutt does not become a member of a specific minority group just because Great Granpaw did the dinky doo with someone who tans well!

Affirmative Action programs are one thing. These are programs for PEOPLE OF COLOR (Black, Indian, Islander, etc.)  and are based upon the well documented fact that these folks have in the past, and still are, being discriminated against due to their SKIN COLOR! Affirmative Action is a really piss poor attempt at leveling the playing field, but it's better then nothing... and now some lazy white people want a piece of this pie too??
Go look at the Faux Indian websites!  My robust Nordic behind has not seen sunlight since I was four years old, and it is still not as WHITE as some of these so called "Chiefs"

The Faux Indian issue has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Freedom of Religion, and anyone who says it does is throwing up a smoke screen!  In the United States everyone has the right to worship who and how they chose! An individual's Spiritual path is unrelated to WHAT THEY GET PAID FOR ...or it should be ec  Once money changes hands, it is a matter of COMMERCE not conscience.

It is half past time to put an end to all this manifest destiny based
Genetic Privilege "Pay Me!" CRAP! Racism is racism, no matter how it is packaged! Access to taxpayer funded programs designed to benefit the underprivileged should be based upon NEED not DNA!  An indigent American citizen with an Indian ancestor is no more or less entitled to health care, housing, education, etc. then an indigent American citizen with an Irish, Greek, Mexican or Chinese ancestor!  

Neither should an American Mutt declare themselves a Medicine Person, Chief, Clan Mother, etc. of an Indian culture they were not born and raised in!  If a person wishes to LEARN from a culture other then their own, WONDERFUL!!  Happens all the time, and there is always we something we can learn from one another. I think Creator might have even planned it that way?

The problems start when someone reads a few good books, attends a couple of weekend seminars,  watches the entire "Into the West" miniseries in one sitting and then decides they are qualified to TEACH "Indian Traditions"
 for some Tribe or another, often more then one em
You can not rent a life time of experience at Blockbuster!  Enough already with the "Well no, I'm not actually an Indian, but I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express last night" attitude!  A lot of good people... Indians AND Anglos... are getting hurt by Faux Indian ego and greed.

If you have a Faux Indian Story you would like to share with the world, give us a shout. We DO NOT allow anonymous complaints or posts!  Our requirements are pretty simple.  A victim and/or witness to whatever violation being reported, who is willing to stand up and be identified, and go to court if necessary.  We DO sympathize with individuals who have been victimized by Faux Indians and fear retaliation if they speak out.  Some of these Faux Indians can be VERY vicious when confronted.
Believe me, I UNDERSTANDec  

However, under our current system of laws, we just can't help you unless you are willing to go public, all the way to the Judge if necessary. This is the ONLY way Faux indians can be called to answer for what they are doing to both Anglos and Treaty Indians. Faux Indians are not subject to any real Tribal Legal systems ...in fact, the Treaty Indians usually can't touch them unless they want to sue them civily in the Anglo Courts. This needs to change too!  

Please note that we DO NOT report or host stories relating to alleged misdeeds by any Enrolled Member of a Federally Recognized Tribe. The real Tribes have their own legal systems and can police their own citizens in their own Nations .. as can all other Sovereign Nations of the world. We concentrate on people who are exclusively citizens of the US .... 'cause that's where we live.

We only make ONE exception to this rule.  We list, and provide links to sites relating to, CONVICTED sexual predators from all over the world, Canada, Australia, the UK, and American Indian Sovereign Nations as well.  Any public record of a conviction for a sex crime involving a minor and/or the use of force, anywhere on the planet, no exceptions. Sexual predators are everyone's problem because they can be found everywhere, and they move around ...a lot!  

Other then the global issue of roving sexual predators, what Treaty Indians do within their own Nation is their own business!  

The white people playing Indian however, shall be severely mocked in the most ancient and Traditional Euro Bardic fashion we can muster

Faux Indian
Faux Indian "Grandmother" "Clan Mother"  "Medicine Woman"  "Chief" & "Tribe" Links

{If you can't access a page, it is because we are not finished with that section yet.  Please check back for updates}
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Convicted Sexual Predator Lists
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Pagan Predators National Sex Offender Look-Up

I am the very model of a Modern Cherokee Clan Chief

     Sung to the tune of
"I am the very model of a Modern Major-General"
               ...with apologies in advance to Gilbert and Sullivan

I am the very model of a modern Cherokee Clan Chief
I've information valuable, so bring some cash 'cause I'm not cheap
I know the works of Mooney and I change the facts as I see fit
From MSN to Yahoo there's no doubt I am a Giant Twit!
I'm very well equipped to fleece the needy and the gullible
I understand they only want to feel that they are lovable
I sell them ID cards so they can prove they are an Indian 
     And give them names like "Hawk" and "Wolf" so they can impress all their friends
I'm very good at subterfuge and dancing circles 'round the truth
I don't care who I hurt as long as I'm collecting all their loot
In short, my info's valuable,  so bring some cash 'cause I'm not cheap
I am the very model of a modern Cherokee Clan Chief
I created our Clan's history out of thin air and a comic book
I threaten to sue anyone who questions just how White I look
I quote the Swimmer manuscripts, and claim he was my Great Grand Pa
I lie about my ancestry to hold the paying crowd in awe
Now I can smell a seeker with a fat bank book a mile away
Then trick them into donating to bogus schemes because I say
You only get to be part of the Clan as long as you can pay
        and don't you dare run out of funds or I will make you rue the day!

Then I adopt new suckers, found in plenty on the Internet
and tell them how their predecessors failed to have all my needs met
In short, my info's valuable,  so bring some cash 'cause I'm not cheap
I am the very model of a modern Cherokee Clan Chief
In fact when I know how to tap a person's deepest hopes and needs
When I can tell at sight someone who's honest both in thought and deeds
That's when I pounce upon them like a Jackal on its wounded prey
I'll make them feel like they belong no matter what I have to say
and  when I've taught Clan Members they must blindly obey my decrees
That I know more Traditions then the Elders I insult with glee
In short, when they devote their efforts to my 501 (c) (3)
        You'll say a better Cherokee Clan Chief  there's never been than me
Considering my history I am doing well, you must agree
I've only been an Indian since "Dance with Wolves" came on TV
But still, my info's valuable,  so bring some cash 'cause I'm not cheap
I am the very model of a modern Cherokee Clan Chief

Look for the Music Video coming soon!!!
 {Yes, we really are going to try an sing this.. in full Faux Indian Regalia  }


Predators Post  "Anonymous Rumors" about Pagan.com author Betsy Ashby in retaliation for her exposure of their fraudulent activities.

Well known plagiarists and promoters of sex tours on their "Church" website,   William "Bill" Wheeler {Rhuddlwm Gawr} and Victoria "Vickie" Wheeler {Cerridwen Gawr}    aka Dynion Mwyn,  Y Tylwyth Teg, Camelot etc. etc.  have posted "anonymous" and extremely defaming "alleged rumors" about me, as well as other authors they plagiarized, on their website. They did this with malice in retaliation for our web site which exposes well documented cases of plagiarism, as well as screen shots of the "sex tours to Asia" promotion.  They claim the defaming and harassing posts about me are "anonymous"

The Runningbear's Den impostors are currently using the Wheeler's "anonymous rumors" about me to try and distract people from the fact that they are WHITE WOMEN pretending to be a "full blooded enrolled member of the EBCI"
Faux Indian "Grandmother Gayle" and the Snowbird Con Clan did the exact same thing.  What can we say.... birds of a feather.

For the record, I have NO criminal record whatsoever. I have never been convicted of any crime....not even a tiny little misdemeanor. I have a valid concealed carry permit in the State of Virginia, which I've held since I was 21 years old.    I've had one speeding ticket in the past 20 years ...for going 11 mph over.  I did that, so I paid it.
I have never been investigated for anything that I know of ...no one questioned me?  It's not like I'm hard to find.  Unlike the cowards who post outrageous lies about me on-line, I use my real name and address when I post the TRUTH about them.  I don't "allege rumors"  I SHOW FACTS!

EVERY SINGLE "alleged rumor" about me has been made ANONYMOUSLY with the intent to harass me into silence!  There is not one single person who has ever accused me of anything who has been willing to GIVE THEIR OWN NAME!!
  'nuff said!!

The "Betsy was arranging safe housing for Muslims after 9-11"  story is the ONLY ...and I mean ONLY truthful statement made about me on the aforementioned websites!  I did that, and I'd do it again ...for ANY RACE OR RELIGION in the same situation ...Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Pagan... or anything I haven't heard of yet.   I openly, on the net, offered safe housing and/or transportation to ANYONE who needed it (all air fights in our area were grounded)  in full view of the government, again using my own name.  Both the Isle of Wight Sheriff and various other officials knew what I was doing...and why.  PEOPLE were stranded and scared.  At one point, the Sheriff offered us extra patrols of our property if we needed it.  After the 9-11 attack it was practically open season on anyone wearing a head scarf in certain parts of Bubbaville. That's wrong!   

When I die I will NOT be explaining to The All-Father why I did nothing while innocent people were being harmed  ......I'll probably be busy explaining a lot of other stuff....but not that one!


Ohhhh, the news is just so depressing, ..it's Filking Time ec

 Everybody Sing Along Now 

He's an Azzclown

Sung to the tune of "Send in the Clowns"
 {with apologies in advance to Stephen Sondheim, Barbara Streisand and Judy Collins }

Isn't he white? He doesn't look brown?
Look on the rolls for his name
It can't be found
He's an azzclown

He's got the blood, he just can't prove
That his Cherokee Grandma hid
Rather than move
He's an azzclown
Yes, he's an azzclown

Just when you thought you'd seen it all
He pulls out a pipe that's marked
"Made in Nepal"
Packing it full, of his special blend
"Don't Bogart the bowl"
He instructs his friends

Why won't you believe
He's Indian?
His card says he's "Chief" of all Cherokee
 ....in Siam
He's an azzclown
A great big azzclown
Too many azzclowns

Don't be surprised
When you finally see
He's insulting the race
He's pretending to be
How can he exploit
 .... those held in thrall?
It's easy I guess
He's white after all

It's all about cash, it's all about greed
He doesn't care for real Natives in need
He's an azzclown ....a pain in the rear
A great big azzclown
            That's his career

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Enroll today and get a FREE Traditional Cherochuckle Testimonial Pipe painstakingly crafted from the very core of the Maize Plant (while supplies last)

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Puerile Elder and Supreme Chief of the Cosmic Soaring Squirrel Clan
For additional info please contact
..Network54 Boycott
We contact Tribal Officials directly when checking out someone's public teaching credentials.  It's not difficult.  We fax the Tribe a copy of whatever the person is claiming and ask "Is this true?" Then we post the Tribal contact number so other reporters can do their own verifications. We're not talking rocket surgery here folks  ec

If anyone has a problem with the information we receive from a Tribe, they need to TAKE IT UP WITH THAT TRIBAL OFFICE!!
If there has been some kind of mistake...someone is using an assumed name, etc. ... we will gladly re-contact the Tribal authorities in question.  If there is ever a change in what the official representative of the Treaty Tribe tells us, we will post any corrections RIGHT HERE!

We don't ask to see enrollment cards or paperwork...because we have no idea what we are looking at!  There are approx 500 real Treaty Tribes and they all issue different ID's to their citizens. Considering what can be created on a computer these days, how could any average non Indian possibly tell what's authentic and what isn't without calling and asking the real Indians?   We just want to hear "Yes" or "No"  directly from an official contact within the Federally Recognized Tribe the Public Figure claims to be a member of.

If the person is in fact, an enrolled member of a Federally Recognized Tribe, we will say so.....in bold print.... and take down anything else about that individual.  What a member of a Treaty Tribe wants to do with their own culture is between them and their Tribe.  If someone doesn't like what a Federally Recognized Tribal member is doing...please go take it up with their Nation, not a bunch of white folks.  

So far, we have not had one single enrolled member of a Federally Recognized Indian Nation object to our verification process.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Those we have contacted appreciate the effort 'cause they are sick and tired of people exploiting their Tribe's name.

  There are TOO MANY FRAUDS running around raping Indian culture not to check out the public claims being made in promotional literature.  If an enrolled Tribal member is teaching or performing publicly under an assumed name, it is on them to let their own Tribe know.  Considering the current "fraud" to "enrolled" ratio, we don't think this is too much to ask of anyone who wishs to trade upon their credentials in the Anglo world of commercialism.  Hopefully more and more event producers will validate a Presenter's claims of Tribal enrollment BEFORE hiring them!

These are our policies and principles.
 If you don't like them, feel free to go create your own website and make up your own rules 

Disclaimer...sorta: Truth is our absolute defense.  We have made every effort humanly possible to verify the accuracy of the material contained on these web pages.  If you think we've gotten something wrong, prove it and we'll fix it.  If you just don't like us posting the truth about a self proclaimed Guru  because it's embarrassing to him/her...to bad, the truth will be told!   If you threaten us with harm, we'll call the cops.  If you sue us, we'll sue you back.  If by some chance the Courts reverse their recognition of screen shots as "Fair Use"  .. we'll  get a friend in Asia, Russia or maybe Sweden to take over the site.  If  benevolent space aliens from a distant galaxy  offer to beam us to a Utopian Earth future  where there is no war, disease,  hate, or Internet...  screw you guys, we're outa here