I call these pages the Faux Clan Mother Follies 'cause I danced to the tune for four years and NEVER caught on.
 I did anything they asked...and did it well I might add  ROFL  

Yes, I am an idiot!  
What can I say?  When you don't know squat about a culture anything is possible. All these important "Clan Mothers" made Grandmother Gayle sound like big whooptie poo because she is in charge of "discipline" Yeah, I fell for it.... please note the "Yes I am an idiot" statement above.  It bares saying twice

We'll be posting more in the near future, but what's already pasted below represents a good sampling of the games these people play.  

 Yupper, I fell for the whole scam ...  lock, stock and barrel!! Here you see the beginning of my Faux Indian education. I responded to every "Clan Mother" trauma drama Grandmother Gayle created like it was real, 'cause I thought they were. I truly believed there was a group of "Clan Mothers" I was helping who represented Elder Indian wisdom and justice ... right up until I went looking to them for a little Elder wisdom and justice ec I was treated like a turd you'd flush down your commode by these so called "Clan Mothers" once their cohorts had stolen thousands of dollars worth of cash and expensive stuff from me.  At the time, I had Shingles in my cranial nerve and was so doped up on meds I couldn't add 2 + 2.  Quite frankly I was surprised I could even remember my PIN number to make the multiple ATM cash withdrawals,  some of which I didn't even recall until the bank statement came in.  Not a single one of these fake "Grandmothers"  and "Clan Mothers"  had the nerve to face me and answer for what happened once I was off the meds and able to think !!  Not one word!!!  Instead, my dog was sprayed in the face with antifreeze the day before a Snowbird Community Meeting where the Snowbird Con Clan was asked to explain why they were claiming to represent and build a "school" for an Indian Community that had NEVER HEARD OF THEM. Of course none of the principles .. "Grandmother Gayle Brown,  Medicine Women" and/or "Clan Mother MJ Hawkspirit Everhart"  showed up when the REAL Indians got involved.  Instead, they sent a 25 year old clueless kid to speak for them and she just stood there and sputtered.  It was pathetic!  "Grandmother Gayle" and her so called "Clan Mothers" truly showed what craven cowards they are with their absence!  

At this point in my saga a REAL Indian Elder, of the enrolled, old and brown variety, learned what had happened and decided to step in.  She sent me to some other full bloods who went out of their way to help me get over what the white Faux Indian frauds had done. These real Indians of the enrolled, old and brown variety did nothing but GIVE without asking for anything in return...which was fortunate, 'cause I didn't have much left when the Snowbird Con Clan was done with me.  This is when I learned these Con Clan people ARE NOT even Indians, much less "Medicine Women" and "Clan Mothers"  They are a bunch of white people playing Indian in a psychotic LARP that has gotten way out of control!  These Faux Indians just declare themselves Queens of their own little Fiefdoms, set up their completely Anglo hierarchys, then proceed to run around screwing people over.  They are not "Clans" creating loving families, they are CULTS harvesting unwitting followers.... for PROFIT.   These pages only represent a few of the fake "Grandmothers" and "Clan Mothers" among the DOZENS we are profiling and exposing!  

The author of these particular emails took some of the most personal things I had ever written and passed them around like party favors for WEEKS before I told one single person THE TRUTH about what I experienced with the Snowbird Con Clan. It is interesting to note that everything Grandmother Gayle had to embarrass me with was something personal I wrote ABOUT MYSELF. In more then four years worth of emails, I had not said one single negative thing about ANYONE that I had not already said directly to their face...usually publicly and more then once.
What is really amusing is that NOTHING I have made public about Grandmother Gayle and the Con Clan Mothers would be a problem for anyone, IF SHE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!!  

Unlike Grandmother Gayle, I have not made public the four years worth of very embarrassing personal info, problems with kids, sex lives,  finances, etc....ie: the real life stuff she sent me about everybody's business! 
EVERYTHING I have posted relates to a Faux Indian begging money and/or claiming an important sounding title or position which turned out to be utter bull cookies!!  Please note how many posts deal with Fundraising for the Faux Indians.

Try to imagine what it feels like to find out the people you gave your faith, trust and love to are actually a v