Diamond Runningsbear's connection to Easternband.com

"Diamond Runningbear" was an administrator on Easternband.com until "he retired"   Easternband.com is a privately owned forum, highly critical of Tribal politics, owned by an Indian named William "Bill" killian.  Killian was initially suspected by many of playing the role of "Diamond Runningbear" on-line, based on several posts made by the impostors. 

William (Bill) Killian, owner and operator of Easternband.com IS NOT the same person as the "Diamond Runningbear" who was/is an Administrator on Killian's Easternband forum!
William (Bill) Killian, owner and operator of Easternband.com IS NOT the same William Killian, self proclaimed "Indian" who was convicted of multiple sexual offenses!!
We have a picture and description of the OTHER "William Killian" convicted sex offender and self proclaimed Indian, posted here:

This IS NOT the same William Killian who owns Easternband.com! The sex offender has a different middle name and is much younger than the Easternband Killian.  They just share the same name, and the sexual predator's written physical description {weight and height} happens to be similar to one often posted by "Diamond Runningbear." These are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MEN NAMED "WILLIAM KILLIAN"    We could not find any evidence whatsoever that the William Killian, convicted sex offender, has ever been to Kentucky or North Carolina!!  The anonymous poster  (who claimed to be an enrolled Tribal member)  who initially reported the sex offender Killian's existence on-line stated he had relied on an "Intelus" report showing them both at the same address in Kentucky.  Intelus is NOTORIOUS for mixing up personal info and addresses belonging to people of the same name. These are two completely different men.  No known connection or relation to one another.  End of this particular rumor!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Diamond Runningbear Drama.  At one time, Bill Killian and his Easternband.com site were located in the same store with the impostors and many of the "Diamond" posts came from the same computer. The owners of the impostor accounts were (are?) Easternband Admins and they were (and still are?) as thick as thieves, if you'll pardon the pun.   However, we traced their public records back to their school days, and could not find ANY connection between Killian and the impostors while they were in Kentucky. Nor was there any apparent connection to Green back when she was in California.   It doesn't appear Killian and the impostor's paths crossed until years after the impersonator saga began and they all moved to Cherokee. It was just one of those VERY weird coincidences that they all arrived from KY at about the same time.  I and the folks helping me research this giant mess could always be wrong, but if Killian had any contact with the impostors before they got to Cherokee, they left zero paper trail!

I suspected Killian's name and website were just being used to suggest legitimacy from the git go because all the "Diamond" posts have a VERY feminine writing style. Every single Faux Indian Impostor we have profiled thus far has found some way to ingratiate themselves to an Enrolled Tribal member...usually a clueless older male.  The fact that Killian actually knows how to operate a computer sets him apart from the rest.

To be absolutely sure Killian wasn't playing the role of "Diamond"  a friend Donna and I got Killian and the Diamond impostor chatting with us online at the EXACT same time. Donna was on the phone with me while she was getting a public lesson in WESTERN Cherokee from the Diamond impostor at the exact same time I was in NC shooting the bull with Killian in chat. They were on different connections, using different computers.  Killian also has a very distinct writing style plus he writes like a guy ....whereas ALL the impostors write like women.  There are very specific ways to determine sex from an adequate writing sample, which I am not going to reveal here.  Doing so would only help the impostors, and I doubt they can afford the training necessary to teach themselves how to write like men  ec

Now WHY Killian befriends and supports these people when their victim is from his own Tribe, is wayyyyyy beyond me?? That's the big question? The Brown's don't get it either.  They had never heard of Killian before (they don't surf the net) and said  "What did we ever do to him?"  

I can say that LOTS of people in positions of authority REALLY wanted Killian to be the guilty party, and they made that very.. VERY clear. If he had been, we would have said so and made lots of people happy with us...but he wasn't....which made many people unhappy.  Once the cops confirmed everything we gave them, and Killian was cleared, that was the end of the case as far as the Tribe was concerned.  Tribal Police simply do not have any authority over non enrolled white people off the reservation.   The irony is that Killian got seriously PO'd at me for doing exactly what I told him we were doing ....and clearing his name in the process. Oh, and it took me about 15 minutes to prove he wasn't the sexual predator in the email someone else posted, and that is 'cause I've got a slow connection. The many enemies Killian has made being the Hair Shirt of his Tribe were equally ticked off when I said; "ahhh, excuse me but it's not Killian making these posts" and then provided proof the impostors were women.  I believe my exact words were "Killian is far to egotistical to pretend to be anyone other then himself"  Oh... and the real Diamond was not exactly thrilled when I told him the impostors were female either.  Sometimes you just can't please anybody ec
Funny thing is, if Killian had turned out to be the impostor, you wouldn't be reading this website.  He is an enrolled member of the EBCI and as such, would fall outside our mandate.  Had the perp been Killian, the matter would be between him, the real Diamond and Tribal cops.  In fact, if the perpetrator was actually a male at all, we would probably just sit back and watch the real Diamond handle the matter as he sees fit.  ec
Let's just say the real Diamond was EXTREMELY disappointed to find out his harassers were women.. and leave it at that.
When I told Diamond the same thing we told the cops in Cherokee and Bryson City, he was downright chest fallen.  He didn't care if his impersonator turned out to be Killian or some other guy, he just wanted a MAN to face ec  
SORRY, we would LOVE nothing better than to hand Diamond the identity of a great big MALE enrolled member of the Easternband, storyteller from Snowbird with multiple wives, who goes by "Diamond Runningbear" aka "Diamond Yonvadisi" on the net .... BUT THERE ISN'T ONE!!  All the posts lead directly back to a bunch of white women playing Indian expert on-line!!

Why Killian lets these white Faux Indians promote themselves on his Tribal website is a complete mystery, but there is NO EVIDENCE he is involved with the impersonation posts, or even understands completely what the impostors have been doing to the real Diamond Brown and family.

  One full blooded Cherokee Elder did explain the situation to me from her own unique perspective. She said:
"Indian men don't always think right when they get up with younger white women"  

Now I don't know anything about Indian men, but I have to say that in my personal experience, white men don't always think right when they get up with younger white women either ec
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When someone asks about Runningbear on the Easternband.com forum, they are told HE has retired.

Here Killian states "Runningbear retired from here. There was some legal issues over the use of the name, but everything came out just fine. "

Please note Killian's grammar in the statement "There was some legal issues"  Killian consistently has problems with subject-verb agreement and the paste tense of "to be" throughout his site.  The white impersonators do not....ever.  

He appears to have an interesting definition of "just fine" too ec

To Killian's credit he closed and locked a thread on Easternband.com where the real Diamond was being insulted in the worse possible way by "CoupStickBoogie" an account used by Faux Lakota
Robert Roach and someone using the account name 'FedUp".   Roach and "Fed Up" sink to a new low when they complain about the fact that the real Diamond Brown received a life saving Kidney transplant.  After being on the transplant list for as long as I have known the Brown family, a perfect tissue match unexpectedly became available in nothing short of a miracle! When this gift from God was denegraded on easternband.com,  Killian promptly locked the thread and later pointed out that Diamond had been on the transplant list longer then he.

The real Diamond Brown, Jr. knows Roach, and knows he is NOT AMERICAN Indian, which accounts for the animosity.  "Fed Up" posts statements insulting the real Diamond Brown which are virtually identical to statements made about Diamond by "Grandmother Gayle Brown" Director of the Snowbird School and her cohorts.   Gayle Brown is a white woman who is NOT related to Diamond Brown, Jr. either, she just went to Graham County and paid $50.00 to have her name legally changed to "Brown" ec

Posted by Fedup 
: Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:39 am   
"I also find it sad when someone gets an almost immediate kidney transplant and announces it in council and thanks them yet there are enrolled members desperately needing one and are being denied! "
Posted by CoupStickBoogie  Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:58 am   
"I see Mr. Bombast XXXXX got his, Huh? Must be nice. I thought he would trip on his lips with all the ass kissing he did up there.
Plus can't he come up with anything new to say. he uses his same worn out adages everytime he opens his mouth. I guess he thinks everyone feels he's intelligent "
Posted by Bill Killian  Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:29 pm    
"I didn't see council, but I don't like where this is heading... closed"

{Thanks Killian!  Mighty Indian of ya ec  Please know both the Brown family and the authors of this site hope you get the transplant you need too!! Don't give up! You were right about the seriousness of Diamond's condition.  One minute it didn't look like Diamond had a snowball's chance of survival in hades... then Divine providence suddenly hands him the possibility of a long, healthy future to look forward to.  We are all hoping and praying Creator gives you the same gift of life!!!}  


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