According to Tribal officials, there is no "Robert Roach" enrolled in the Ogala Sioux Nation!
PLEASE...Call the Tribal Enrollment Office { 605-867-1321 } and ask for yourself if you have any doubts.

We did, and were told there are NO "Roach's" enrolled in the Ogala Sioux Nation at all ... and "Roach" is not exactly one of the most common animal names chosen as an alias ec

It is perfectly acceptable for event organizers and promoters to check out the bio of any Presenter claiming to belong to a Federally Recognized Tribe. If the Presenter is legitimate and on the rolls, the Tribal representative will say so.  EVERY Treaty Tribe we have contacted so far has willingly answered our queries and encouraged us to call back if we had additional questions.  Evidently, they are right tired of Faux Indians claiming to be relatives too!

We questioned a few other individuals who know Roach's history in Georgia and it was reported to us that he is of "Middle Eastern" desent.  Since his alleged Middle Eastern background is still HEARSAY at this point, we have contacted Roach's references ...the Heyes Foundation, Museum of the American Indian,  Museum of Natural History, AIM, and a few other folks via snail mail and will post their responses when received.

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In this Myspace post Robert Roach states "I AM Full-blood of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Nation. A member of a federally recognized soveriegn nation."  
Not according to the Oglala Sioux Tribal Officials I spoke with!

Both Ladies I talked to in the Enrollment office were VERY nice and even double checked to be sure before calling me back.  I asked if we should post a specific contact name in the Tribal Enrollment Office and was told " No, anyone who answers can look a Tribal member up, we get a lot of these calls"  ... and she said it in a very positive way.  I've called Tribal Offices to check the public credentials of more then a dozen "Indian Cultural Teachers" who claim enrollment in the Lakota, Creek or Cherokee Tribes.  So far, only FOUR of them have been letigimate enrolled members of the Tribe they claimed affiliation with.  

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AFTER being publically exposed as frauds, the Runningbear's Den impostors post yet more lies stating that Roach never claimed to be "Full-blood of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Nation. A member of a federally recognized soveriegn nation."  

Here they are finally forced to confess that Robert Roach was born in FRANCE!  

"Robert Roach is not an enrolled Lakota Sioux" - She is correct about this, Robert has never claimed to be enrolled there. Robert's father
was in the service, Robert was born in France in a US Army hospital. He got US Citizenship at the age of 12 and has never tried to get nor wanted to get a tribal membership."

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Robert Roach's Public Bio is posted both on the Runningbear's Den website, and his own website. It states:
"Robert Roach, Lakota - Sioux
Robert is a Lakota Sioux from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He is a Sun Dancer and follows a traditional
lifestyle. Robert is a former regional co-coordinator for the A.I.M. and has been involved in numerous issues in regards to native people. Robert was a former Artist in Residence at the Heyes Foundation , Museum of the American Indian and The Museum of Natural History, New York City. He is a Traditional Dancer and  Singer with extensive studies and application of the older traditions of the Lakota peoples."

Robert Roach

On the Runningbear's Den website, Robert Roach again advertises himself as "Oglala Lakota Sioux" and charges $400.00 in his "Cultural Demonstrator Agreement" to appear with his "wolf"

This is EXACTLY the form of Cultural exploitation the "Faux Indians" website is designed to put an end to!! By the begining of the 2009 festival season, we will have compiled a fairy comprehensive list of Gatherings, Pow Wows and other events which hire and promote "Cultural Representitives" who falsly claim Tribal affiliation.  We will be encouraging readers to boycott any and all events which hire, promote or host Presenters who claim to belong to Indian Tribes that have never heard of them!!


Predators Post  "Anonymous Rumors" about author Betsy Ashby in retaliation for her exposure of their fraudulent activities.

Well known plagiarists and promoters of sex tours on their "Church" website,   William "Bill" Wheeler {Rhuddlwm Gawr} and Victoria "Vickie" Wheeler {Cerridwen Gawr}    aka Dynion Mwyn,  Y Tylwyth Teg, Camelot etc. etc.  have posted "anonymous" and extremely defaming "alleged rumors" about me, as well as other authors they plagiarized, on their website. They did this with  malice in retaliation for our web site which exposes well documented cases of plagiarism, as well as screen shots of the "sex tours to Asia" promotion.  They claim the defaming and harassing posts about me are  "anonymous"

The Runningbear's Den impostors are currently using the Wheeler's "anonymous rumors" about me to try and distract people from the fact that they are WHITE WOMEN pretending to be a "full blooded enrolled member of the EBCI"
Faux Indian "Grandmother Gayle" and the Snowbird Con Clan did the exact same thing.  What can we say.... birds of a feather.

For the record, I have NO criminal record whatsoever. I have never been convicted of any crime....not even a tiny little misdemeanor. I have a valid concealed carry permit in the State of Virginia, which I've held since I was 21 years old.    I've had one speeding ticket in the past 20 years ...for going 11 mph over.  I did that, so I paid it.
I have never been investigated for anything that I know of one questioned me?  It's not like I'm hard to find.  Unlike the cowards who post outrageous lies about me on-line, I use my real name and address when I post the TRUTH about them.  I don't "allege rumors"  I SHOW FACTS!

EVERY SINGLE "alleged rumor" about me has been made ANONYMOUSLY with the intent to harass me into silence!  There is not one single person who has ever accused me of anything who has been willing to GIVE THEIR OWN NAME!!
  'nuff said!!

The "Betsy was arranging safe housing for Muslims after 9-11"  story is the ONLY ...and I mean ONLY truthful statement made about me on the aforementioned websites!  I did that, and I'd do it again ...for ANY RACE OR RELIGION in the same situation ...Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Pagan... or anything I haven't heard of yet.   I openly, on the net, offered safe housing and/or transportation to ANYONE who needed it (all air fights in our area were grounded)  in full view of the government, again using my own name.  Both the Isle of Wight Sheriff and various other officials knew what I was doing...and why.  PEOPLE were stranded and scared.  At one point, the Sheriff offered us extra patrols of our property if we needed it.  After the 9-11 attack it was practically open season on anyone wearing a head scarf in certain parts of Bubbaville. That's wrong!   

When I die I will NOT be explaining to The All-Father why I did nothing while innocent people were being harmed  ......I'll probably be busy explaining a lot of other stuff....but not that one!

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Pagan Predators National Sex Offender Look-Up

We contact Tribal Officials directly when checking out someone's public teaching credentials.  It's not difficult.  We fax the Tribe a copy of whatever the person is claiming and ask "Is this true?" Then we post the Tribal contact number so other reporters can do their own verifications. We're not talking rocket surgery here folks
If Roach or anyone else has a problem with the information we receive from a Tribe, they need to TAKE IT UP WITH THAT TRIBAL OFFICE!! 
If there has been some kind of mistake...someone is using an assumed name, etc. ... we will gladly re-contact the Tribal authorities in question.  If there is ever a change in what the official representative of the Treaty Tribe tells us, we will post any corrections RIGHT HERE!

We don't ask to see enrollment cards or paperwork...because we have no idea what we are looking at!  There are approx 500 real Treaty Tribes and they all issue different ID's to their citizens. Considering what can be created on a computer these days, how could any average non Indian possibly tell what's authentic and what isn't without asking the real Indians?   We just want to hear "Yes" or "No"  directly from an official contact within the Federally Recognized Tribe the Public Figure claims to be a member of.
If the person is in fact, an enrolled member of a Recognized Tribe, we will say bold print.... and take down anything else about that individual.  What a member of a Treaty Tribe wants to do with their own culture is between them and their Tribe.  If someone doesn't like what a Tribal member is doing...please go take it up with their Nation, not a bunch of white folks. 
So far, we have not had one single enrolled member of a Federally Recognized Indian Nation object to our verification process.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Those we have contacted appreciate the effort 'cause they are sick and tired of people exploiting their Tribe's name.

  There are TOO MANY FRAUDS running around raping Indian culture not to check out the public claims being made in promotional literature.  If an enrolled Tribal member is teaching or performing publicly under an assumed name, it is on them to let their own Tribe know.  Considering the current "fraud" to "enrolled" ratio, we don't think this is too much to ask of anyone who wishs to trade upon their credentials in the Anglo dominated world of commercialism.  Hopefully more and more event producers will validate a Presenter's claims of Tribal enrollment BEFORE hiring them! 

These are our policies and principles.  If you don't like them, feel free to go create your own website and make up your own rules 


Disclaimer...sorta: Truth is our absolute defense.  We have made every effort humanly possible to verify the accuracy of the material contained on these web pages.  If you think we've gotten something wrong, prove it and we'll fix it.  If you just don't like us posting the truth about a self proclaimed Guru  because it's embarrassing to him/ bad, the truth will be told!   If you threaten us with harm, we'll call the cops.  If you sue us, we'll sue you back.  If by some chance the Courts reverse their recognition of screen shots as "Fair Use"  .. we'll  get a friend in Asia, Russia or maybe Sweden to take over the site.  If  benevolent space aliens from a distant galaxy  offer to beam us to a Utopian Earth future  where there is no war, disease,  hate, or Internet...  screw you guys, we're outa here