Ok, maybe we're getting a bit silly, but if Nikko is a wolf then the ball of fur purring on my couch is a cougar!
 These Runningbear's Den people are just unbelievable!
What are they going to do next, paint a chicken's head white and call it a Bald Eagle? ec

We are very glad Nikko found a home, but she looks like a dog and she barks like a dog ...because she's a DOG, specifically a MALAMUTE .. not a "Eastern Timber Wolf"   Malamutes have VERY distinctive markings, white ears, spots over eyes. muzzle, paws, throat, etc.   We have posted pictures of Nikko; a really cute Malamute named "Bear" who could be Nikko's twin; and a real Eastern Timber Wolf.  You decide if Runningbear's  "Nikko the Wolf" story is as phony as everything else these mutts claim!

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It seems we aren't the only people to notice that Nikko is a DOG.  These screen photos are of posts made to the a Wolf Conservation and Education Group.
Please notice how angry and THREATENING Roach gets when a wolf specialist, and someone who works with wolves at a zoo, note that Nikko is a Dog ec

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Nikko the dog

This is a screen shot of a real Eastern Timber Wolf
Original URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Canis_lupus_lycaon_01.jpg

Timber Wolf

This screen shot from www.Malamute.org shows an adorable Malamute named "Bear" who looks so much like Nikko they could be litter mates.  Malamute.org has a huge gallery of malamute photos and they all have the same distinctive markings as Nikko.

Original URL: http://www.malamute.org/Gallery_1/photos/photo_11.html

This is a screen shot of an advertisement Roach posted to a public list which shows off Nikko's MALAMUTE MARKINGS very well.

Original URL: http://groups.msn.com/NativeAmericianChat/robertsphotos.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=118

Nikko the Dog

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