Yes, Nikko really has her own blog...more then one actually. This just gets more bizarre by the minute!  First an Anglo with a blog claiming to be "full blooded Cherokee" ... then a man of Middle Eastern? decent with a blog claiming to be a "Full-blood of the Oglala Lakota"  ... and now a Malamute with a blog claiming she's a Timber Wolf.  
Hopefully these people will never rescue a Shetland Pony 'cause it will be a member of the Budweiser Clydesdale Team by the time it gets its own blog ec

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Up 'til now "Diamond Runningbear"  has always claimed:
 "I am a 66 year old male, my wife and I own a shop in Cherokee, NC. I am Eastern Band Cherokee."

All past "Diamond" posts have been made by someone claiming to be a MAN ... with multiple women claiming to be his wives no less!!

In this post Nikko tells of her truly sad "tail"  ...all the while referring to "Diamond Runningbear" as a "SHE"
So has "Diamond Runningbear" aka "Diamond Yonvadisi" suddenly had a cyber sex change, or does Nikko need to work on her crouch sniffing abilities?

"I came to be placed with my first friend here. Diamond RunningBear who owns she took great care of me and did a lot of things with me even though I had problems trusting human beings."

Original URL:

Runningbears sex Change

"Diamond Runningbear" has become a "she" according to Robert Roach in this recent post too
... and it ranks a whopping TEN on the CREEPY scale!!!

Apparently when Nikko is not busy blogging, she likes to dig up dead bodies in her spare time.  Now I know a dog's gotta have a hobby, but when your pet starts coming home with human limbs, it's time to set some serious boundaries!
I sincerely hope this story is as phony as everything else they post!  Please let this be a Faux Corpse, not really dug up by a Faux Wolf who was given to a Faux Sioux after being rescued by a cross dressing Faux Cherokee  ...Please? e

"So Diamond went outside to look and saw that "The Bone" happened to be the skeletal remains of a human forearm and hand!!!!!"

Original URL:

Nikko finds Bones

Just in case you aren't confused enough yet, here is a post where "PappyRoach"  aka Robert Roach claims "Diamond Runningbear" is a white woman from Kentucky named Mickey Campbell e

Mickey Campbell is the woman who personally, in the flesh at Runningbear's Den, told both myself and the REAL Diamond's full blooded, enrolled cousin that she (Campbell) was Diamond Brown's GRANDDAUGHTER.  
The "Mickey" character also played the role of granddaughter on Native American Friends
Now this 30+ year old white woman is presented as the 66 year old full blooded Cherokee Storyteller who owns Runningbear's Den and is married to Robbie Runningbear / Yonvadisi? {Yonvadisi is Cherokee for Runningbear} AND Cathy Blake. That's one heck of a promotion e

Ok does this make Mickey Campbell Robbie Green's (Runningbear's Angel) husband, or Cathy Blake's husband or both?
Hey, all of us at are about as liberal as you can get. If a metric ton worth of white women what to jump into a pile and have some kind of polyamorous cross dressing thingy ... it's not anyone's business!! I truly DO NOT even want to visualize the possibility!!
What inquiring minds are entitled to know is, if this white woman Mickey Campbell is now "Diamond Runningbear" 



These white women at Runningbear's Den have been claiming there's an Enrolled Cherokee Indian behind all their financial endeavors for years.  FINE... SHOW US YOUR INDIAN!!  NOT one from India either  ...or his twin!!!  All that is brown is not Cherokee!!!

This is not complicated!  Person say's their name and Tribe.  We call Tribe and say person's name.  Tribe says "yes" or "no"
Stop Tap Dancing around THE TRUTH !!  


Original URL:

Diamond - Mickey

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